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TIME ON HAND : Food Tour Carouge

What to expect ...

Discover our new tasting tour in Carouge Geneva

Do you like to solve riddles? Do you love to investigate and make deductions? Is excellent food one of your passions?

Then this special Investigation & Tasting tour is for you !

Meet the enigmatic Agent Spectre, who is on the trail of an international thief of rare watches, and help

him solve the last investigation of his career.

During this tour, you will discover through tastings secret corners of Carouge, exceptional craftsmen and

anecdotes that will colour the visit with an unexpected hue!

Take shoes suitable for walking and your biggest smile, we will take care of the rest!

The meeting point in Carouge and specific information will be given to you... By a personal email from

Agent Spectre!

Do you have any needs, desires or particularities to let us know? Do not hesitate to contact us! The more

we know, the more we can offer you an extraordinary experience!

Tell us more at


YOU'VE GOT 2.30 hours for :

- 7 stops and surprises

- Riddles, theatre and investigation.

- An actor with you 100% of the time!

- More cheese, ham, wine, sweets and local delicacies!

- New artisans, new discoveries!

- And much more!

(to get an idea, watch the trailer)


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