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Discover Geneva through an atypical Gourmet Food tour.

Explore cultural places and step into the universe of local food tasting. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the old town.

Challenge : Will you be able to eat everything ???


- Approx 3 hours Walking tour with a bilingual guide

- Cheeses & meat  & much more 

- Wine tastings

- Chocolates Tastings

- Much more to taste ... just look at our pictures below ...

Surprises through your food tour with us

Selection of Switzerland delicacy and gourmet experience...

And we take photo for you to have a souvenir

Don't worry you'll fill up your stomach ...

You'll discover our passionate artisans & Geneva histories easy to remember.

Famous highlight as Flower clock, St Pierre Cathedral for the panoramic view, the Old town & many more ...


Once you book online, your ticket is non-refundable and you give your authorisation to appear on the "Wall of Fame" or any internet plateform unless written disagreement from you. 

The meeting place is the Flower Clock at 10am or 2pm

Approx 3 hour tour 

Please wear comfortable shoes as our guide can't carry you ...

Inform us of your possible dietary needs or allergies 


Be on time

Be happy ...

Be ready for emotions 


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