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If you love Escape Games, adventure, thrill, clues, hunting treasure, discovering places, challenge the clock,  food, drink and acting ...

... be prepared to be tracked

One murderer


It was a beautiful Indian summer day 117 years ago in Geneva, Switzerland, when Empress Elisabeth of Austria left the Hotel Beau-Rivage, where she spent a night incognito, to hurry to the steamship “Genève”.

On this Saturday, 10 September 1898, Empress Elisabeth was assassinated by Luigi Lucheni, an Italian anarchist.

The tragic event was well covered in the coeval press, as Elisabeth of Austria – also known as Sisi.


Back to the past you'll live Sissi's last day in Geneva and maybe avoid the murdering!

Go back to the past, understand that you are not the only one, others are catching up with luigi to tell him you track him doing exactly the same route.

Be curious and fit, fast and furious guys as you've got 4 hours only.

Remember historic details as we could ask you few questions to be sure you are here for the good reason.

Be ready to protect Sissi from danger, you'll be eating and drinking as she did few hours before the massacre...

But be quick as the time is running fast !

Next date :



Minimum 4 pers


- 4 people min

- Be on time

- Use comfy shoes

- Excellent way to discover Geneva through a true story

- The only hunting game in Geneva that includes Food & Beverage & fun


Merci ! Message envoyé.